Tom Hiddleston films scenes for the new horror movie ‘Crimson Peak’ in Toronto on April 17, 2014 [HQ]

Nature sound of the week: the rare and enchanting whiff of thousands of panties simultaneously flying out bedroom windows all across the globe.


Sudden overflows of fresh Hiddles footage are becoming a recurrent problem for Hiddlestoners. Only one occurrence of Hiddles impact is enough to shake anyone’s mental state (which hardly is stable to begin with) and cause a great deal of physical and emotional harm. Lately, there has been many unpredictable bursts of new stuff, which no doubt is a declaration of hormonal war. Wounded fans are lying around defenseless, hopeless and in agony.

If there’s ever been a good moment to retreat to the Himalayas to live an ascetic life of a hermit monk with no touch with the outside world, that’d be right the fuck now.

…but just in case you can’t afford the plane ticket or leave your cat behind, you can always resort to eating more chocolate than is healthy while sitting on a pile of ice bags and aggressively moping at Tom.

celtickaye asked: Olivier!Tom ... *dies*

*revives with Derp!Tom*



In the case of general pain and life-threatening conditions caused by Hiddles wearing a dark wig that brings out the crystal blue in his eyes, with the dark, slightly tousled curls brushing his cheekbones and settling at the nape of his neck, and stylish Victorian clothes that embrace his slender torso unable to hide the vigor of his tall figure, the satin around his broad chest glistening in the sun, and a trenchcoat accentuating his height and his long legs, you should… ah, you… um… hello? You ok? You’re not listening to me anymore are you.

Ok now, it’s alright, just… get up from the floor, we gotta talk. Good, there you go… Steady, steady… Good! Now, err, wipe the drool off your chin… Here, have a tissue… Oh god, just… let me… There, better. Now, try to look me in the eye… I know, it’s difficult right now, but try… Ok, alright, staring at the wall behind me pretty close to my head is good enough. Now, listen… I’ve already forgotten what this was about, but we can both remember a hazy, ravishing mirage of Tom’s slim body clad in tightly-wrapped satin and………

…no no no! Stay with me! Breathe, breathe! Listen to me, follow my voice! Good, that’s it, you’re doing very well… Listen, to prevent your heart from stopping and your vitals from shutting down, you need to relax and loosen your grip on your computer screen, breathe into a paperbag, make a cup of tea to calm your nerves, and hit yourself in the head with the water kettle to ensure blissful unconsciousness.

pa14awesome asked: Hi sorry, just REALLY NEED TO SAY SOMETHING !!! THANK YOU SO MUCH 4 UR SURVIVAL KIT !! i would be dead with out it…. u saved my life ! u awesome, never leave !!! XD sry I'm weird, its Tom's fault


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giomanachh asked: This blog is awesome and you are an amazing human being for setting all this up. I'm new to the blog, but I love you. And the blog... And Hiddles.... seems I fit right in. Okay bye <3

Ooohhh new to SWH? Welcome welcome, come on in, you smooth-talking lovely little thing, you.


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What is considered a 10? I must know!

For a movie to score a full ten, it requires the following ingredients:

Hiddles naked
Hiddles having sex
Hiddles crying
Hiddles shouting
Hiddles in a suit
heartbreaking atmosphere
no happy ending

Basically, The Deep Blue Sea.

Tom Hiddleston Movie Content Warnings Part 26



Estimated trauma risk: 9.7
Visually stunning scenarios, hypnotic music, delicious cultural references, enchanting acting, and this one angsty vampire with not too much clothes on.
Not suitable for women currently on their period.

Includes the following triggers:

  • hard core hair porn
  • kissing
  • dancing
  • overall cuddlish thingies
  • toes
  • lots of abs - most of them Tom’s
  • unnecessary amounts of neck porn
  • drinking blood and moaning
  • no shirts were harmed or used during the making of this film
  • Tom in a nightgown
  • hand porn with a violin
  • wait did I see leather pants tell me those are not leathers pants
  • …they’re leather pants aren’t they.

Necessary precautions:
Tranquilize yourself and your raging hormones before viewing by overdosing on ice cream in advance and actively punching yourself in the gut to momentarily disable your vital organs.

Expected outcome:
Severe case of brain freeze, some internal bleeding, busted knuckles, and deep desperation. Some inexplicable symptoms resembling encephalitis and/or asthma might suddenly occur. Out-of-body experiences highly likely.




Tom Hiddleston attends the Laurence Olivier Awards at the Royal Opera House on April 13, 2014 in London, England [HQ]

lokilaufeysonthefrostgiant replied to your post “Follower of the Week”

We all understand that ^w^

Hnnnggghh thank you all so much for always being so patient with me

I love you people goddamnit

Follower of the Week

Hey there everyone, listen up! This week’s Follower of the Week is esm398, wooo!


Congratulations for your first FotW, Esmie (you’re Esmie now mm kay), and thank you veryvery much as well!

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(Ps. And hey sorry for not being able to update FotW last weekend! I’ve been slightly overworked lately, and last weekend I barely had any time to stop by at my flat, sooo… Sorry ‘bout that!)

Anonymous asked: cookie here. was my ask about the Jaguar ad eaten?

Already replied, I think! Look —> here!

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Actor Tom vs Real Tom

rennerfangirlmovieguide asked: This is my new favorite blog! You are the bomb. Sooooooo good!

thingsididntknowwereerotic asked: HE FLIPS THE SWITCH THOUGH // *weeping*

Ah yes, the scene in question truly is known to trigger approximately everyone’s finger-related kinks. For immediate first aid, make a cup of hot tea and pour half of it on your eyes to burn away the image of Tom’s long, slender fingers fiddling with the flickering little switch. Be precise to pour only half a cup on your eyes, since you might wanna drink the remaining half.