isis2005 asked: Um, will you be doing the Jaguar commercials?


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Tom Hiddleston Movie Content Warnings Part 25

Caius Martius Coriolanus


Estimated trauma risk: 9.7
This theatre play recording is claimed to contain a Shakespeare play starring Tom Hiddleston, but in reality it’s a dangerous weapon of mass destruction designed to leave viewers emotionally crippled.
Not suitable for those who haven’t even finished their therapy after Hollow Crown yet.

Includes the following triggers:

  • tight jeans
  • buttbuttbutt
  • fighting
  • grunting
  • blood and sweat
  • Tom ripping his shirt off
  • pecs
  • …and then wet pecs…
  • priceless faces
  • a hood that’s meant to look dramatic but is just reallyreally cutesy
  • general clothing porn
  • destructive kissing scenes
  • quiet moaning
  • shouting Hiddles
  • crying Hiddles
  • disturbingly hot angry Hiddles
  • hanging-upside-down Hiddles
  • … much no

Necessary precautions:
Have a hammer somewhere conveniently within reach so you can use it to alleviate the emotional suffering and hormonal pain by banging your toe with it at any moment when the watching experience becomes unbearable and you need physical distraction.

Expected outcome:
Loss of approximately 10 toes, 2-5 fingers, healthy eyesight and common sense.


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Follower of the Week

Wooo! This week’s Follower of the Week is zetatauri - congratulations!!

And thank you veryvery much as well! :3

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Anonymous asked: Wait whaat? Sä oot suomalainen?

I love these recurring freak-outs concerning my nationality…

Ja kyllä maar, huippusalainen SWH-päämaja sijaitsee Suomen syövereissä. Ei kai ny tämmöstä blogia voi muulla pyörittää kun suomalaisella sisulla.

Anonymous asked: I dreamed of Tom being a dentist and for some reason, he was my stepfather. My brain is poisoned.

No, your brain is not poisoned, don’t worry. Your brain is merely trying to protect you by attempting to make Tom seem as undesirable to you as possible. It’s just a healthy self-defense mechanism.

…or possibly your mind’s last call for help.

sywen14 asked: Hey!! First: I love your blog!! And second: you're FINNISH!! Cool! hey! I live in Finland too!! (third: yep, mä on vähän hullu xD)


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Tom’s favourite cardigan Appreciation Post

More like his only cardigan

gotloki-d asked: Oh god. Ok calm down. Ok so ASDFGHJKL I JUST SAW THIS PICTURE WHERE HE'S LIKE ALL WET AND UHHH IN A WHITE SHIRT UGHHH HELP. HELP. I CAN'T TAKE MUCH ANYMORE. TOM IS DRIVING ME INSANE. I JUST CANT plz help. I don't know what to do. (btw your blog is amazing, I love it <3)



Focusing on the image above should redirect your attention away from the wet shirt photo. You’re very welcome.

ghoulxgirl13 asked: Pretty sure this is my new favorite blog, ever. I was in a horrible mood then stumbled upon your blog and my mood changed completely. Your page is so funny and up lifting, and your Tom gif reactions are always on point. 👌 Well done, keep up the AMAZING work and thanks for sharing your tips on how to deal without Tom 😂😊❤️ *hugs*

Mah work heer is dun!



Oooohhh not stalkerish at all yes hello there welcome.



Aaaaaand that is exactly what Tumblr is here for! To replace your dull friends give you the sense of community and belonging and the satisfaction of neverending kinky innuendoes!

[Hallelujah playing in the distance]

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Anonymous asked: Hi,dear. I've just watched Tom's interview with Mark Hoppus and I think it's safe to say I just died. Why did I do that? I knew what to expect - Tom not behaving himself, basically. Come on, all that "In an horny way" and stuff was the reason why I watched it AND the reason why it wasn't a good idea. I just heard him saying things I won't repeat, since the shock's still fresh, and I was wondering if you have an idea of how to cope with mischievous Hiddles before self-combustion. Lovely blog btw!

You are expected to deal with mischievous Hiddles as you deal with any other kind of Hiddles - poorly, mostly. Don’t worry, though; there are tricks to help you cope with this specific mode of Hiddles behaviour.

The key is to ignore the misbehaving Hiddles. This isn’t easy, I admit, but it’s guaranteed to work. This demands patience, determination and willpower. Close your eyes, adopt a stern look on your face and ignore everything that can be interpreted as flirtatious, teasing, suggestive or downright smutty. Disregard the dubious jokes, intentionally miss the playful winks, and firmly refuse to pay any attention to the recurring bouts of laughter. Keep calm, breathe and stay focused.

…and once you’ve messed everything up and find yourself shivering and squealing on the floor, crawl to the kitchen and get yourself a cup of tea. I’d suggest herbal.


Tom Hiddleston as The Great Escapo in Muppets Most Wanted (x)

Duckfaces back in fashion in 3&#8230; 2&#8230; 1&#8230;


Tom Hiddleston as The Great Escapo in Muppets Most Wanted (x)

Duckfaces back in fashion in 3… 2… 1…